83-95A Bloor Street West Toronto, Ontario

Parallax and RioCan have submitted Zoning Bylaw Amendment and Site Plan applications to permit a 79-storey mixed-use residential building.   

About the project

Project Description

Located at the intersection of Bloor Street West and St. Thomas Street in Toronto, Ontario, this site currently has six buildings ranging from one to three storeys that contain retail and limited office space. This well-connected urban site supports sustainable and active transportation, surrounded by transit, retail, hotels, theatres, restaurants, residential condominiums, and office buildings.


    Zoning Bylaw Amendment and Site Plan applications

    We have submitted our initial Zoning Bylaw Amendment and Site Plan applications to the City of Toronto for review and are awaiting feedback on our application. 

Project Status

Parallax and RioCan submitted Zoning Bylaw Amendment and Site Plan applications to the City of Toronto in December 2021. There will be opportunities for the local community to learn more about the application and provide feedback and input. In the interim, you can ask questions, or provide feedback through the contact form below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Project location

Project highlights: 

● 1,118 new homes bringing more local spending to the community 

● 12,410 square feet of re-envisioned retail space 

● 1006 long-term bicycle parking spaces and 112 short-term bicycle parking spaces 

● Over 36,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor residential amenity space 

● Family-friendly housing with over 25% of the units being 2+ bedrooms 

POLICY: There are several key policies that guide the planning for this site including The City of Toronto’s Official Plan (OP) which identifies the site as being located within the Downtown and Central Waterfront and designates it as Mixed-Use Areas

The Downtown and Central Waterfront is an area the OP envisions as accommodating growth, including increasing opportunities for individuals to live close to work and providing locations for retail commercial to meet the needs of a strong and diverse economy. Map 2 of the OP can be found here. Complimentary to this, Mixed-Use Areas policies encourage and promote the type of tall, high-density, mixed-use, and transit-oriented development proposed. Map 18 of the OP can be found here.

Our Zoning Amendment Application responds to the OP and no OP amendments are required. 

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Future residents of this building will have a positive economic impact on local businesses in the community with substantial local spending in shops, restaurants, and grocery stores – an important contribution to this vibrant neighbourhood. 

PUBLIC BENEFITS: Parallax and RioCan are committed to contributing to vibrant and diverse communities that we are part of. We are in the early stages of the processing of this application and will be coordinating further with the Councillor’s office and City staff further on community needs and amenities. We invite your input and suggestions on community needs or benefits to help inform our discussions with City staff. Please fill out a feedback form below to provide your input and suggestions.

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We are looking forward to receiving your input on community needs and benefits to better inform our discussions with City staff. To provide suggestions on what community benefits you hope this project can contribute to, share your feedback, or ask a question please fill out the feedback form.

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